Since 1935 "Schiavon" mark is synonymous of seriousness, professionalism, experience and passion. These ones are the basic components shared by Giuseppe Schiavon, the firm promoter, in the thirties, at the historical BERTELLO in Turin, and subsequently at Polo firm in Padua. This one was later credited to the brothers Zelindo and Lorenzo. With the right constancy and tenacity they were able to diffuse "Biliardi Schiavon" name everywhere, without fearing any comparison and consolidating more and more in the winning formula "price-quality-product".

"Schiavon" mark created his image day by day, year by year, and in 1987 he touched a moment that marked positively the firm production, with the presentation of "Mundial 87". "Mundial 87" model is officially utilized in international level competitions, and it is still recognized as an emblem on the Biliardi Schiavon products range. In Schiavon exhibitions there are several kinds of billiards: with different measures and styles, different kind of game (from the "italiana" without holes, to ball and small game, to the traditional billiard with holes), and different prices. Every billiard-table is certainly adaptable to any customer demand. In conclusion it is right to remember that promoting the billiard game is important on the conviction that it will become a sport as many others, of the same importance and precision, and above all, that every player will ripen and grow as Biliardi Schiavon did, under the sign of "PERFECTION AS A RULE OF THE GAME".